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The Horseshoe Trader is a local classified/ad sheet in Central Utah, which has been has been a household name for more than 20 years with its humble beginings in the shadow of the Horseshoe Mountain and has published over 1 million private party classified ads, making The Horseshoe Trader one of the STRONGEST classified ad sheets in the Utah area. Making us the the best way to buy, sell and trade.

The Horseshoe Trader is FREE to our readers and is distributed to many locations, in and out of cities, towns and counties From North Salt Lake City to St. George. Our paper is printed and distributed every Thursday with weekly circulation well over 12,000 papers.

All of our classified ads and many of our commercial ads are also available online here on http://www.horseshoetrader.com. Contact us to see how we can make your company or product a common name in every household.

But, Sell and Trade. Advertising That Works!